Monday, January 21, 2008

NAC Appliance episode on TechwiseTV

There is a new TechWiseTV episode about to be taped, focusing on Cisco NAC Appliance and the producers are looking for feedback as to what the episode should focus on. The main presenter will be Alok Agrawal, one of the Technical Marketing Engineers from the Cisco NAC Business Unit. If you have never seen TechWiseTV, it is a highly technical show focusing on getting answers to the tough questions. I can promise that if enough of you want a topic discussed that Alok will definately be put on the spot to give you an answer. So please visit their website and start posting about what you are interested in hearing explained:

The following is a draft of the topics discussed:

Proposed Segmentation:
Segment 1: NAC Foundational Concepts -
  • What is it, why do we need it, why now?
  • Where does 802.1x fit, what problems can be solved here, etc.
  • Posture Assesment - more than just AV and Spyware
  • Client vs. Clientless, Inband vs. Out of Band, Remediation, Non-Cisco applications
  • Server, Manager, Agent Communication, Rule Set updates.

Segment 2: Server Deployment Modes
  • Virtual and Real IP Gateway
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • In-band and Out of Band
  • Client & Temporal Agent

Segment 3: Topology and Design Considerations
  • VPN
  • Wireless
  • Remote Sites
  • Campus

Segment 4: Device Profiling
  • NAC Profiler
  • Collector
  • Design Choices/Trade-offs