Thursday, July 2, 2009

NAC Version 4.6.1 - Now Available

NAC Appliance Version 4.6.1 was release yesterday.

Some of the new features:

Posture Assessment Support for 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems

The new NAC Agent can be installed and launched on 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista, and can perform posture assessment and remediation on client machines. Earlier releases of Cisco NAC Appliance provided only authentication support for 64-bit client operating systems.

Agent Configuration XML File Upload Enhancement

This XML configuration file method of setting up Agents on client machines replaces the previous Clean Access Agent configuration schema requiring Windows registry setting manipulation for custom parameters. No more registry changes, hooray!

If you previously employed Windows registry settings to adjust Clean Access Agent behavior on client machines, you must specify the same settings in the XML Agent configuration file to preserve Agent behavior using the Cisco NAC Agent.

This upgrade has a ton of new agent features, as you can see in the above images, so make sure to check out the release notes and read for yourself.

4.6.1 Release Notes

And to configure these features, please reference the configuration guides:

NAC Manager Config Guide
NAC Server Config Guide

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0

NAC Guest Server has changed significantly with the latest 2.0 release. From External Portal Support to AD SSO, this revision has added some key enterprise features.

The features that have hit home the most for myself and my customers have been:

Active Directory Single Sign On

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 can be joined to an Active Directory Domain and then automatically authenticate Internet Explorer browsers using Integrated Windows Authentication. This removes the need for sponsors to enter their username and password.

For details on configuration of ADSSO, see the Configuration of Active Directory Single Sign-On for NAC Guest Server Configuration Example

Credit Card Billing Support

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 provides the ability for guests to purchase accounts via credit card support.

This means that you can now use NGS to provide ROI for guest internet access.

Management Reports

Management reports are enhanced to provide the following guest network usage information:

•Total Guest Accounts Created
•Total Authenticated Guests
•Total Cumulative Connect Time
•Sponsor Usage Reporting
•Access Summaries by Device

To See a list of all the new features in NAC Guest Server 2.0, please read the the release notes:

And to configure these features, please reference the configuration guide:

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The following is a list of new things out there in the Cisco NAC World. The NAC Market is continuing to grow in 2009 and with the growth the products will continue to evolve, get better and have more options.

Security Options Abound: New NAC Release

My friends over at TechWiseTV are a huge multi-media machine, producing video, audio and podcasts. Well this PodCast is on NAC 4.5, Alok Agrawal of the NAC Business Unit and Myself dive into some of the cool features of 4.5. All of the podcasts can be subscribed to through iTunes.

To access the NAC podcast go to:

And to get more information on all the great stuff coming from Techwise TV visit:

NAC Layer 3 Out of Band Design Guide That Uses VRF-Lite for Traffic Isolation

Cisco wrote a new configuration guide on using VRF-Lite for traffic isolation. This is a great configuration option for NAC, but with that said never re-design your network just for NAC. VRFs can become very complex and introducing new technology into the network should be carefully planned. Using VRFs in a enterprise network does make sense, but the reasons for moving to the new network design should be a combination of the added features/benefits for Security(NAC, Guest Access, Wireless, etc.) and Network managebility, throughput, and scalability.

New NAC Profiler Release

Last month a new maintenance release of Cisco NAC Profiler came out. 2.1.8-38 brings a good list of BugFixes and minor enhancements.

One Minor Enhancement that made it was Endpoint and Directory Timeout Unified Into Endpoint Timeout, which gives us more control on how to age out endpoints out of the database.

Find all the Fixes and information in the Release Notes.

The Release Notes can be found:

The new software can be download at: (Requires Valid Smartnet Contract)