Monday, May 7, 2007

NACA Version 4.1.1

Version 4.1.1 was posted to CCO for download on April 30th.

Some of the feature "enhancements" that i found interesting and useful, but not too geeky are:

- Support for Windows Vista

This is something that has been around in the 4.0.X train but not 4.1.X, so customers should really enjoy this feature

- Multiple Active Directory Server Support in ADSSO
Previously, you could only define a single AD Server for ADSSO. Now with 4.1.1 you are able to authenticate to an entire "Domain". This greatly enhances the availability of ADSSO.

- Restricted Administrator Web Console Options Hidden from View
Now when you can take away even Read-Only rights to certain aspects of the CAM. This makes it less tempting for the help-desk staff to go in and look through private event data, etc.

- VLAN Prunning
This works in conjunction with a Virtual Gateway CAS using VLAN Mapping to ensure that only known VLAN ID packets are allowed to traverse the internal network. This should prevent any broadcast/loop issues that might have previously happened.

- WSUS Support
Now we are playing ball with the introduction of WSUS support. This release tightly integrates updates through WSUS, to ensure users have the proper patches.

This is only a few of the many new enhancements in 4.1(1). To review all enhancement, caveats and upgrade procedures please read the following release notes:

Cisco NAC Appliance 4.1(1) Release Notes

Please note that it is best practice to follow the upgrade procedures to the "T" when upgrading a NACA deployment.

For those of you just getting into the land of NACA, there is a very good presentation on the features that came about in Release 4.1(0) located on CCO called "What's New in Cisco NAC Appliance 4.1" that should catch you up on the latest and greatest features.

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