Thursday, August 23, 2007

NAC Network Modules

I just wanted to give everyone the update on the NEW NME-NAC-K9 module. They are supported as of version 4.1(2). The Cisco NAC Network Module (NME-NAC-K9) implements the Clean Access Server functionality on the next generation service module for the Cisco 2811/2821/2851 and 3825/3845 access routers. The NAC network module is pre-installed with Cisco NAC Appliance software release 4.1(2) (or later), with the Clean Access Server software running as the application code. The Clean Access Server operating system is based on an optimized version of Linux. The NAC network module is an ideal NAC solution for small groups of users in remote locations where an integrated services router is used. The NAC network module can be equipped with either a 50-user or 100-user license to support branch offices.

The following are some documents to get you started with the new NAC Network Module:

Getting Started with Cisco NAC Network Modules in Cisco Access Routers
-- New guide describing initial configuration and deployment examples

Installing Cisco Network Modules in Cisco Access Routers
-- New Chapter in the Cisco Network Modules Hardware Installation Guide

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  1. can you use these with Role Based VLAN Assignments?