Friday, December 21, 2007

NAC Version 4.1(3)

4.1.3 is available and you can download it here:

Cisco NAC Appliance Software Download Page
Requires a valid Smartnet contract in order to download

4.1.3 Release Notes
As with all NAC Upgrades, the release notes are extremely important!

4.1.3 CAM Installation & Configuration Guide

4.1.3 CAS Installation & Configuration Guide

Enhancements in Release 4.1(3)

General Enhancements

Cisco NAC Web Agent

Support for Clients with Multiple Active NICs

Clean Access Server HA Heartbeat Link Enhancement

Clean Access Manager HA Configuration and Heartbeat Link Enhancements

Guest User Login and Registration Enhancements

LDAP Authentication Enhancement

Clean Access Server and WSUS Interaction Enhancement

Agent Restricted User Access Enhancement

Device Filter List Display and Import/Export Enhancement

Agent Report Information Display and Export Enhancement

VPN SSO Login Enhancement

Syslog Configuration Enhancement

Debug Log Download Enhancement

cisco_api.jsp Enhancement

CSRF Protection

Proxy Support Enhancements

ARP Broadcast Packet Handling Improvement

Clean Access Server HA ARP Broadcast Enhancement

Deprecated "Retag Trusted-side Egress Traffic with VLAN (In-Band)" Feature

Previously-Deprecated Features Removed from CAM/CAS Web Console Pages

Supported AV/AS Product List Enhancements (Version 67)

Out-of-Band Enhancements

Access to Authentication VLAN Change Detection Enhancement

SNMP Inform Notification Enhancement

SNMP "MAC Move Notification" Switch Port Configuration Support

Clean Access Agent Enhancements

Clean Access Agent Auto Remediation

Windows Clean Access Agent Version

Mac OS X Clean Access Agent Version

Look out for more detailed explainations and configuration examples from the new features and functionality.

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