Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cisco NAC Guest Server 1.1.1

On June 9th, Cisco posted an update to NAC Guest Server.

Version 1.1.1 comes with a few new features:

Guest Role Support
Guest Role Support provides the ability for Sponsors to create guest accounts with different privileges. This includes provisioning into different roles on the Clean Access Manager, returning different RADIUS attributes to RADIUS clients or only allowing access from specified networks.

Additional NTP Server
The 1.1.1 release introduces the ability to configure two NTP servers instead of a single NTP server in 1.1.0.

FTP Backup Directory
The 1.1.1 release allows a directory to be specified as part of the scheduled FTP backup, prior versions placed the backup in the default directory of the FTP user account.

As with all NAC related upgrades make sure to read the RELEASE NOTES before upgrading!

The NAC Guest Server Installation & Configuration Guide 1.1.1 can be used for reference of the new features.

Finally to download the new version go to the NAC Guest Server Download Page. (Requires Valid CCO Login)

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  1. Cisco NAC Appliance, is it possible to mass import via text file or csv file for user account creation,