Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0

NAC Guest Server has changed significantly with the latest 2.0 release. From External Portal Support to AD SSO, this revision has added some key enterprise features.

The features that have hit home the most for myself and my customers have been:

Active Directory Single Sign On

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 can be joined to an Active Directory Domain and then automatically authenticate Internet Explorer browsers using Integrated Windows Authentication. This removes the need for sponsors to enter their username and password.

For details on configuration of ADSSO, see the Configuration of Active Directory Single Sign-On for NAC Guest Server Configuration Example

Credit Card Billing Support

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 provides the ability for guests to purchase accounts via credit card support.

This means that you can now use NGS to provide ROI for guest internet access.

Management Reports

Management reports are enhanced to provide the following guest network usage information:

•Total Guest Accounts Created
•Total Authenticated Guests
•Total Cumulative Connect Time
•Sponsor Usage Reporting
•Access Summaries by Device

To See a list of all the new features in NAC Guest Server 2.0, please read the the release notes:

And to configure these features, please reference the configuration guide:

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